Perceptual image suite
open-source tools for journalists
by QuaDet
perceptual image analysis
  • intuitive forensics tools for images
  • the analysis done within your browser
  • extension for: Firefox, Chrome
perceptual image search
  • images sent to search servers even from private sites
  • support for altering of the searched images
  • extension for: Firefox, Chrome
  Perceptual image analysis (source code)
  • helps at assessing of images from the point of view of possible alterations of the images, that is: is it real or fake?
  • extracts meta data (exif, headers), analyses levels and variations of colors and luminosity, applies PCA and the error-level analysis.
  Perceptual image search (source code)
  • facilitates search by images even from private sites, including search by altered forms of the images. It can help in assessing of the images, the question here is: had anyone posted a form of the image?
  • and the Perceptual image analysis extension can help to find out since when the images are online then.